Food Storage as an investment

Food storage as an investment?

So you have looked at food storage before and you know that in the case of an emergency, you will really appreciate the food you have stored, but what if that emergency never comes? Have you just wasted a lot of money on food that you aren’t ever going to need? I have seen many people that believe exactly that, if an emergency never comes, I will have wasted a lot of food and money that could be used elsewhere. Today I am going to show you how that isn’t the case, and how food storage can actually be an investment with interest!

Food storage gathering interest? How can that be? Sounds crazy right? but I’m going to show today how a family of four can make money from storing food.

It works rather simply, food prices rise over time, so if you buy your food earlier and eat it later, you in effect save the amount you would have spent on the food when you start eating it.

food storage investing

First my sources and the parameters of my analysis.

1.) all pricing data is taken from the USDA official food plan reports.

2.) these reports assume all food is prepared at home, and you don’t eat out

3.) my comparisons will be using the family of four, with one child between 6-8 and one between 9-11

4.) these are past results, with other current factors, food prices have begun rising faster, so these estimates are going to be smaller than the differences moving forward.

Now on to the results.

Had you bought food 5 years ago, and started eating it now, over the next year you would save 1,428 dollars! that is equivalent to a 12.6% increase or an interest rate of 2.5% How often do you get an interest rate of 2.5% at a bank? My bank currently offers a 0.1% APR for a savings account. Putting your money in food here is 25 times more effective than a savings account. What about a CD? a five year CD is 1.31% so the food is almost 10 times more effective, and you can use it anytime you need to, not have to wait the entire 5 years. That sounds effective to me.

What about ten years?

had you stored food for ten years before using it, using the same family type, you would save 2,976 dollars in a year or a 30% return on investment. that’s 3% per year. Even more savings than before. 30 times more effective than a savings account or over ten times as effective as a CD.

What about 20 Years (furthest back the data goes, within the time frame freeze dried food lasts)

That is an astounding 5,328 dollars a year for a total increase of 71% on your investment. That is very nearly cutting your food bill in half. with 3.55% interest per year. The longer you store your food the more interest you gain on it.

Now imagine doing this consistently, having a food store, and cycling through the oldest stuff you have. How much money could you be saving over the course of your life, to put towards other interests?

If you invest the money you are saving, you will save even more! Now, this comparison is an average so your savings could be more or less. A family of 10 is going to save a lot more than this, but one person won’t save as much. If you take this mentality into the rest of your life, you will save in other areas as well. Look at the things you can store a long time, the longer you can store it, the greater the return on investment. With freeze dried food specifically, it is guaranteed 25 years, but has been shown to last longer on occasion. I know that a man recently ate a freeze dried meal that was 37 years old and it was still good. If you want to see our great deals on freeze dried foods, check out our MeatsFruits, and Vegetables.

these prices are directly related to how much food prices increase in the coming years, with widespread droughts, prices are expected to climb! Get what extra you can now before prices rise again!

Chad Shepherd