Freeze Dried Fruits That Are Mask Worthy


There are a lot of natural solutions to face masks and facial ingredients that you may use to get your skin softer, clearer or more even toned. If you are looking for a way to harness the benefits of using a face mask, but want to avoid the chemicals included in many packaged solutions, the following is a list of fruit that can be used to achieve the same effects! You may be surprised to hear this but, when freeze dried and applied to the face as a paste, these fruits can really leave your skin feeling brand new (and smelling great too!).

How do you make a face mask from fruit, you ask? The steps are simple. The fruit first undergoes freeze drying. This is when all moisture within the fruit is removed by freezing and then evaporating. We then grind it up to make the powders you can use in a large variety of beauty products, such as face masks. The following lists mentions some of the best you can use on your face during your daily beauty regimen.



There are many skin improving vitamins you can find in a banana. High levels of Vitamin B and Potassium work to moisturize the skin while Vitamin A can help to fade dark spots and blemishes. Aside from the beneficial oils that will increase the health of your skin tone, bananas contain Vitamin E that can be used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. To double up on these great effects, combine with freeze dried avocado!


Want to find the secret to renewing your skin with fruit? Look no further than inside the skin of a mango. There you will find high amounts of Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, those compounds featured on the labels of many expensive face mask products. Simply let the face mask sit on your skin for an ample amount of time, about 10 minutes, and the barriers between the dead skin cells will have been weakened and wash right off with the mask! Don’t forget the loads of beta carotene that will help preserve your skin’s elasticity.


These berries have long been known for their ability to unclog pores and reduce redness on your skin. Their high amounts of salicylic acid are revered by many of the cosmetic brands out there today for these reasons. Apply them to your face in a mask that will naturally cleanse, exfoliate and leave your face shining bright.


To use, simply add small amounts of purified water, or natural oil of your choice, until you achieve a pliable paste. Spread across the skin in light, circular motions (without pressing too hard!) across your face. Avoid the eyes, however, with such yummy ingredients, we can’t say the same for your mouth!

Chad Shepherd