Our Advantage


When you need to feed your family or you want a healthy meal, you don’t need all the frills that cost you money.  Most of the others adds “fillers” to your bundled products –  side meals, side dished, and foods that increase serving amounts, increase costs, but ultimately do not give you the real value for the money.  In times of need, we want to give you the most for your money.  Easy to fix (no simmering, cooking, etc.) , 100% natural (No-MSG, Non-GMO, No artificial flavors, etc.), 100% Freeze Dried (no dehydrated substitutes that require cooking) meals that deliver the most calories/serving possible.

2.  100% QUALITY

We strive for 100% !    100% all natural ingredients, 100% non-GMO, 100% No MSG,  100% Freeze Dried, 100% no artificial flavors, 100% Homestyle cooking.  Our customers rave about the quality they can taste when they bite into our food. They are pleased that it tastes like it should, not like it has been sitting on a shelf for years. Freshness and quality of taste are our top priorities.  We freeze dry all our foods onsite – from our home to yours.  This is our family business and we believe in the highest quality, the freshest meats, the freshest vegetables and fruits to give to you simply, 100% Quality !


We believe in giving you what you really need.  We have been in the food industry for 25+ years.  We have the best sources and highest quality of meats, vegetables, and fruits.  When you order specific meats, fruits or vegetables, you want them in the easiest way for you to store or consume.  We offer an individualized way to order bulk items in multiple storage options, we allow you to select the meals you want and meet you families tastes and needs.  No other company gives you the flexibility to order what you need as we do.   Consider it “from our family to yours”!