Real life survival

Real life survival (true story)

We all have our stories, and we all have reasons for getting food storage. When we think about these things, it is easy to forget how severe a situation can really be. How important is it to you that your family is safe in a bad situation? I know personally that my family means the world to me. This week, We had a real emergency. Now we weren’t in an earthquake or fire. In fact I wasn’t even close to my home. We were up in the mountains snowshoeing for a trip. I was there with extended family and it was over 6 miles uphill to the yurt that we were going to be staying at. This was a feat we all knew we were physically capable of. There were other unexpected happenings however.

We got a late start to the day and we were all concerned as we started up the hill that we wouldn’t make it before dark. Those worries were very real and we were still over a mile away when the sun went down. As we continued walking, it began to get very cold. By that I mean it was about -20F. We were working really hard to get up the hill, and bundled up in our warmest gear, yet we were all freezing. As we began to near the top, we realized that the GPS was turning weird directions. It kept telling us that the yurt was in different directions. Needless to say we began to fear for our lives. If we were unable to find the shelter, we would have died that night. Since I am writing this now, you will know that we did indeed find shelter. We found the yurt after an extra 45 minutes or an hour. When we got inside, it was warmer, but not warm.

We got a fire going and quickly heated up some water. Why was water first? because thinking ahead we had brought enough freeze dried beef stew for dinner. I always thought that it was a good thing that freeze dried food is precooked, but never before has the importance of that been so clear. It was not warm inside the yurt, not yet at least. But because our food was done so fast, we had food warming us up and lifting our spirits. Had we needed to wait to cook our food, we would have suffered even more that night. Now when I think about a real life emergency when there isn’t a good shelter, how much more important that food will be to us. Last night we found ourselves in a life or death situation and I can honestly say that I am going to have more freeze dried food in my personal food storage moving forward.

Chad Shepherd