At Nu Harvest Foods, we always offer free shipping on orders over $400 as well as special bulk discounts. For us, it’s important that you, our customer, feel comfortable with how much you’re spending. That’s why we take every opportunity to make our products and servicing as affordable as possible.

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At Nu Harvest Foods, we believe that our products offer a unique solution to a problem that just about everyone encounters: food storage. While there are a myriad of food storage products and services available today, many of which are marketed as somehow being better than the others, ours are different – because they actually are better than the others. Our innovative and affordable food storage solutions are superior to the competition in many ways, but the big difference between us and them is the quality of our food: at Nu Harvest, we always make sure that your food will be fresh and delicious. Whether you’re looking for fruit, vegetables, chicken, beef – or basically anything else, for that matter – we have you covered at Nu Harvest Foods. Our food is always fresh, and always prepared on our premises.

Premium ProductsWe realize that now more than ever, it makes a good deal of sense to keep a reasonably-sized food supply on hand. In this difficult economic climate, having a store of emergency food is a great way to be prepared for any major fluctuations in the price of food, and it’s a great way to make sure that your most basic human need is always satisfied.

We invite you to explore our site so that you can see for yourself just what makes Nu Harvest Foods the very best company in the food storage industry. Our commitment to quality and our dedication to providing what we believe to be an important service combine to make up our soul. At Nu Harvest, our goal is to see that your food storage needs aren’t just adequately met, but met with the level of care and quality that we believe our customers deserve.