Meals not Frills

When you need to feed your family, you don’t need all the “fillers” others put in their freeze dried food products – side dishes (things you really don’t need) that increase serving amounts, but also increase your costs.  When you buy Freeze dried food, you want the most nutritious, most calories, most value for your money!
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100% Quality Freeze Dried Food

What 100% Quality means to us:

  • 100% Freeze-Dried (no dehydrated fillers)
  • 100% Homemade cooking
  • 15+ Years Shelf Life
  • Highest Level of Food Safety Certifications
  • FDA Certified and Regulated

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Personalized Orders

We believe in giving you what you really NEED. We have been in the freeze dried food industry for 25+ years. We have the best sources and highest quality of meats, vegetables, and fruits. We offer an individualized way to order items designed to meet your family needs. No other company gives you the flexibility to order the freeze dried food you need as we do.

Our Unique Difference!

At Nu Harvest, we always make sure that your freeze dried food will be fresh and delicious. Whether you’re looking for fruit, vegetables, chicken, beef – or basically anything else, for that matter – we have you covered at Nu Harvest Foods. Our freeze dried food is always fresh, and always prepared in our custom built freeze dryers at our own state of the art factory.